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At Kundinger, we believe in giving each customer exactly what they need to run more efficiently and grow their business. We’re more than a parts supplier; we design and engineer customized systems tailored to each client. For three generations, our business has been built on creating strong relationships with our customers, vendors, and team members.

  • Do More With Automation

    As automation technology advances, many in industry are starting to wonder if they should make the switch. While there are some skeptics, those who have made the investment into automated technology often find that it has improved their efficiency, worker safety and bottom line. Kundinger was built on traditional fluid power, but we’re believers in…

  • 2022 Parker Store Customer Appreciation Events

    We’re excited to announce the dates of our 2022 Parker Store Customer Appreciation events! Join us at the end of August for free lunch and a chance to connect with our team. Click here to sign up for a reminder email:

  • Understand filtration basics to avoid problems

    This article was originally published in The Business News on May 23, 2022 Just like a car needs periodic oil changes to keep it running smoothly, your hydraulic system needs regular maintenance to prevent serious problems. A hydraulic system uses fluid pressure, usually oil, to power cylinders and motors.   Contamination in hydraulic fluid leads to…