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At Kundinger, we believe in giving each customer exactly what they need to run more efficiently and grow their business. We’re more than a parts supplier; we design and engineer customized systems tailored to each client. For three generations, our business has been built on creating strong relationships with our customers, vendors, and team members.

  • Maintaining Healthy Hydraulic Systems

    Register now for Kundinger Presents: Maintaining Healthy Hydraulic Systems. We’re partnering with Parker Hannifin’s Hydraulic & Fuel Filtration Division to talk through total system health management.

  • 60 years of innovation, adaptability and relationships – and counting

    It all started with a coinflip. In 1961, Thomas A. Kundinger and his business partner at the time, Ken Miller, flipped a coin to determine the name of their startup company. The winner would have his name listed first. Miller won, and so began Miller-Kundinger Sales Engineering. The business took shape in the home of…

  • Manufacturing’s next chapter: The Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is the concept of digitizing everything in your business. Some industries, like personal finance, are very far into the digital transformation. Think about how we used to write checks and balance checkbook registers, but now send money with the touch of a button through apps and review all of our transactions online. Manufacturing…

  • Register for ‘Intro to Inline and Right Angle Gearheads’

    Register for our next Kundinger Presents session: Intro to Inline and Right Angle Gearheads with the Parker Hannifin Electromechanical Division. Thursday, February 18, 2021 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM CST Join us for an introduction to Parker’s gearhead offerings – planetary gearheads, multi-drive gearheads, NEMA gearheads and integral solution gearmotors. Recognized around the world for…

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