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At Kundinger, we believe in giving each customer exactly what they need to run more efficiently and grow their business. We’re more than a parts supplier; we design and engineer customized systems tailored to each client. For three generations, our business has been built on creating strong relationships with our customers, vendors, and team members.

  • Top 3 reasons Vendor Managed Inventory benefits operations

    For your company to perform at its peak, you need everything to work together seamlessly. This includes your inventory and inventory supply chain. Too little or too much inventory can be detrimental to your operations. Too few parts will hinder your ability to build products and fill orders; too much inventory creates more opportunity for…

  • Combating work-related injuries with the MATE-XT

    Register now for Kundinger Presents: Combating work-related injuries with the MATE-XT. We’re partnering with Comau to talk about the benefits of outfitting your team with the MATE-XT exoskeleton.

  • Top products to keep condensation in-check

    When warm weather arrives so does condensation. It is important, especially in the Spring, to be prepared for the moisture that condensation can bring inside your manufacturing facility. That’s because moisture can cause contamination in air lines and tanks, which may end up costing you in time and money. Avoid air loss, corrosion and damage…

  • Add Value with Custom HMI Solutions

    Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology is crucial to the industrial process. It’s the tool between a machine operator and the machine itself. A very simple example of an HMI, that you probably use daily, is a keyboard. A keyboard is a tool that allows you, the operator, to control the machine, which in this case…

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