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At Kundinger, we believe in giving each customer exactly what they need to run more efficiently and grow their business. We’re more than a parts supplier; we design and engineer customized systems tailored to each client. For three generations, our business has been built on creating strong relationships with our customers, vendors, and team members.

  • 6 Common Smart Sensors and Their IIoT Applications

    Sensors are often one of the first things people associate with the IIoT. After all, sensors perform a slew of actions – like monitoring processes, taking measurements, and collecting data – that are integral to IIoT functionality. In an article he wrote for Forbes, Bernard Marr said: “A big part of the Internet of Things…

  • Adaptall Announces Stainless Steel DIN Metric Tube Fittings

    Adaptall is proud to announce the addition of Stainless Steel DIN Metric Tube fittings to our current offering of Steel DIN products. We have partnered with a High-Quality German manufacturer in order to fully stock a selection of SS DIN fittings, providing same day shipping across North America. Specifications and Dimensions adhere toDIN 2353 /…

  • Check Out Spartan Scientific’s Water Control Valves for Misting

    Spartan Scientific offers a variety of NSF and FDA compliant valves to fit your misting requirements. Our lightweight valves feature all stainless steel operators and composite body material. Indoor, outdoor, business, or fun – Kundinger can help you find the perfect Spartan Scientific valve to fit your application! Water Control Valves Misting: Produce Fountains Agricultural Greenhouse…

  • Gigabit & PoE Ethernet Switches for Mall Security

    Advantech offers smart solutions that work. Advantech was recently tasked helping a client monitor mall and store entrances, hallways, bathroom locations, kiosks, parking lots and more, all on a tight budget. B+B SmartWorx Ethernet switches with Gigabit and PoE (SECP510-2SFP-T / EIRP410-2SFP-T) capabilities were ideal for the application. Strategically placed Ethernet switches network remote devices, such as…

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