By the year 2020, businesses will spend over $500 billion worldwide on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – and that’s what the experts are calling a “conservative estimate.” If you’re going to stay ahead of the curve, you need to put your IIoT knowledge to work. Here are four ways IIoT technology can drastically impact your company.

Optimize operations

This is the first step. It’s no secret that integrating IIoT into your facility will increase your overall operational efficiency. By introducing automation and smart production technology, manufacturers can increase their productivity by as much as 30%. You can implement this kind of technology in a variety of ways: smart sensors on equipment that detect maintenance needs, on-the-floor communication tools that open cross-facility channels, and more.

Catalyze innovation

IIoT is at the intersection of two very different types of data: information technology and operational technology. To leverage this combination effectively, you need to utilize the data you collect through sensor-driven technology, analytics, and intelligent applications – ultimately opening the door for innovation. Once you’ve gathered the information, your next step is to put it to work. Use what you learn to design new products or offer new services.

Expand production

Now that your machines are working more efficiently with each other on the operations side of your company, you should have leftover manpower and machines ready to take on other work. So, what would you like to do with it? Pursue a new line of business that you didn’t have the resources for before. Increase your production capacity and go after that big client you always thought your company was “too small” to handle. IIoT opens doors for your business that once seemed impossible.

When it comes to IIoT, the ultimate question is: What do these systems and processes actually look like in practice? Sure, the numbers look good and it’s all very exciting, but you might be wondering where the results come in. At the Siemens AG plant in Amberg, Germany, which builds automated machines for companies like BMW, their operations consist of roughly 75% automated machinery. Their 1,150 employees spend their time operating computers and monitoring operations. All in all, they’re saving thousands as a result.


Kundinger represents several companies that are developing IIoT solutions to further push the envelope and enhance IIoT in industrial applications. Companies like B&R, Parker, Comau, Sick Sensors, and Advantech are all leaders in pursuing IIoT applications, which help our customers increase productivity, reduce cost, and increase overall earnings on the bottom line. Call Kundinger today with your IIoT application or questions. Our goal is to make your job easier!

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