pneumatic-linear-air-motorWhile pneumatic power is used for a host of different things, from movement to brakes to tools and more, you likely know it best as an industrial component — and there are certainly plenty of positives when it comes to using pneumatic power in your manufacturing processes. Here are just a few:

  1. Simplification. Pneumatic systems are not only easier than their electric counterparts to install, but they’re also easier to control when it comes to speed, force, and cylinder direction.  A simple valve, air compressor, regulator,  and flow controls are usually all you need to transfer movement more efficiently and effectively. Now, that’s simple.
  2. Decreased downtime. There are few moving parts involved in a pneumatic system, therefore, there is less opportunity for things to break or go wrong. Compared to an electric system, pneumatic components are less prone to wear and tear, and are far more reliable. That means less downtime, costs for repairs, and hassles involved in getting things fixed and back up and running.
  3. Adaptability. A pneumatic powered system can perform in a small space, and since air travels so easily, systems can also cover a good amount of distance, turn corners or travel up and down without losing any efficiency. In other words, no matter the size or configuration of your facility, pneumatic systems will provide a solution.
  4. Versatility. There’s a long list of applications for pneumatic power that can be used in industrial automation, including clamping, crimping, gripping, tensioning, positioning, lifting, pressing, shifting, embossing, cutting, labeling, sorting and stacking — and those are just a few of the most common examples!
  5. Cost-effectiveness. Pneumatic components often have the lowest upfront  maintenance costs, and use already available clean, dry air which is present in most facilities. Plus, pneumatic hardware is easier to design, therefore tends to cost less to purchase and install.

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