They say, “the proof is in the pudding,” but we believe research is more reliable than a serving of tapioca! The importance and value of condition monitoring is backed by big-time numbers — results that show reduced costs, downtime, maintenance issues and more. In fact, when utilizing condition monitoring solutions like Parker’s SensoNODETM sensors and ScoutTM technology, you’re able to not only gather data ensuring everything is running smoothly, but also identify areas of operational improvement, and discover problems before they even occur! This predictive maintenance allows you to be proactive and gain valuable insights, confidence and peace of mind. Let’s see a spoonful of pudding do that!condition monitoring sensor

With today’s Industrial IoT, traditional monitoring challenges are a thing of the past. Just look at these numbers (they don’t lie):

  1. 50% reduction in maintenance costs, including labor, overhead,materials, cost of repair parts, tools and other equipment.
  2. Mean time to repair cut by 60%. Plan repairs better and reduce MTTR by eliminating guesswork and pinpointing problems.
  3. 30% Reduction in spare parts cost. Condition monitoring provides such a sufficient lead time, you can order parts as needed instead of ordering and stocking a full inventory.
  4. 40% decrease in downtime. By performing maintenance only as needed, planned shutdowns become few and far between.
  5. 55% reduction in machine failures. Seen in the first two years after implementing condition monitoring. Better yet, the longer regular monitoring goes on, the more projected reductions increase!
  6. Asset life extended by 30%. Based on five years of operation, condition monitoring programs help prevent serious damage to machinery and systems.
  7. 30% increase in asset availability. By monitoring the health of assets in real-time, operators can forecast problems or pending failure and modify production or maintenance schedules.
  8. Increased production by 25%. Through consistent, accurate condition monitoring, operators can avoid unplanned downtime and optimize assets to operate more efficiently.

We think you can agree these are some pretty satisfying results! It’s substantial evidence that shows you can’t afford to ignore condition monitoring. So, throw away that clipboard, never mind those old gauges, and take advantage of products like Parker SensoNODETM sensors — because a predictive maintenance program simply makes sense.

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