Adaptall is proud to announce the addition of Stainless Steel DIN Metric Tube fittings to our current offering of Steel DIN products. We have partnered with a High-Quality German manufacturer in order to fully stock a selection of SS DIN fittings, providing same day shipping across North America.

  • Specifications and Dimensions adhere toDIN 2353 / ISO 8434-1
  • Parts made from high-quality GermanStainless Steel SS316Ti
  • Seals made of Viton (FPM) compound

Series Available:

Stainless Steel 316Ti is referred to as the stabilized grade of the 316 types, and also one of the two 316 stainless steels that is recommended for higher temperature situations. This grade contains a small amount—typically only 0.5%—of titanium. While it still possesses many of the characteristics of other 316 grades, the addition of titanium allows 316Ti to be protected from precipitation at elevated temperatures, even with prolonged exposure.

316Ti also contains an addition of molybdenum in its composition. Like in other 316 grades, the molybdenum serves as increased protection against corrosion, pitting from chloride solutions and increased strength when placed in high temperature environments. However, its high temperature resistance is also compounded by its titanium content, which allows 316Ti to be immune to precipitation at these temperatures. Additionally, the metal shows resistance to acids, such as sulfuric acids, hydrochloric acids, and acid sulfates. 316Ti is commonly utilized in heat exchangers, paper mill equipment, hydraulic and architectural components in marine environments.

For more details, please contact Kundinger.