SuperTrak at IMTS Batch of One. Since the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, manufacturers everywhere have been chasing this dream: the ability to mass customize products to keep up with the fast pace of consumer demand and the ever-changing adaptations needed to satisfy new configurations and production requirements. Enter adaptive machines.

This next generation of production machinery is designed to change over on the fly by using base machines with individually controlled modular components that can be configured — and reconfigured — as needed, thus making the ‘batch of one” dream a reality, and in the process, eliminating the steps and costs it typically takes to get products to consumers as well.

Leave it to B & R Industrial Automation to be at the forefront of this innovative technology. Their cutting- edge adaptive machinery will be unveiled at this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).

On September 10 – 15, in Chicago’s McCormick Place, stop by the B & R booth to see the ATS Automation’s SuperTrak and its seamless flexibility for yourself!

The adaptive machine features an integrated modular conveyor and robotic controls. Modules provide exceptional production flexibility, with multidirectional movement and tight synchronization with other (often robotic) devices. This build-to-order, batch-of-one system can serve multiple purposes, including sealing/capping, collating, serialization, filling, coding, inspection, labeling and more.

Get additional information about the benefits and technology highlights of B & R’s adaptive machine by reading their recent press release, or by attending the IMTS where you’ll find out firsthand about this revolutionary breakthrough.

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