Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology is crucial to the industrial process. It’s the tool between a machine operator and the machine itself. A very simple example of an HMI, that you probably use daily, is a keyboard. A keyboard is a tool that allows you, the operator, to control the machine, which in this case is a computer.

In the industrial process, an HMI is a screen, like a computer monitor, tablet or smartphone. It’s typically local to one machine and displays production data to help operators understand how that machine is performing.   

Image showing the relationship between a machine operator, HMI and machines

Effective HMIs should be easy for machine operators to use, achieve the desired machine output and provide helpful data that can influence productivity. When HMIs can achieve these criteria, the operators who are engaging with the interface associate the hardware with quality. But what if they also associated that quality HMI with a specific company? A custom HMI offers this opportunity to machine builders.

A custom HMI allows machine builders to add their company’s name, or other company information, right on the hardware. This means, instead of customers identifying the entire machine with the brand name of the HMI manufacturer, they would see the name of the company that developed the whole machine.

Take a look at this custom HMI – the machine builder’s company name, contact information and product software are uniquely identified front and center on the main screen interface.

Image of a custom HMI monitor

It’s advantageous for machine builders to use a custom HMI because it is the key to driving repeat business, and is especially strong maintenance, repair and operations sales funnel. When the machine builder’s logo is in front of the operators every day, they will have no question as to who to call when they’re in need of services or repairs.

Beyond that, it’s an opportunity to establish a stronger partner relationship with customers.

“We want to make sure this equipment looks like it’s ours so we can continue to support it and our customers,” Andrew Hryckowian, principal engineer at Integrated Dispense Solutions, a Kundinger customer, said.

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