Technology continues to advance at the speed of light, and its presence in the manufacturing industry continues to grow – from AI to robotics to integrated software and adaptive machinery, these breakthroughs provide solutions to such universal issues as performance control, energy inefficiencies, and data analysis.

At Kundinger, we take pride in offering innovative products to help manufacturers stay on top of the latest trends, and we love to spread the word about new products, such as those B&R Industrial Automation recently introduced.

B&R’s new stepper motor module from the X20 series offers sensorless and load-dependent current control for increased performance and reduced energy consumption. In fact, the module allows for energy savings of up to 75%! It also

reduces power dissipation and heat accumulation in the module, and its current control results in the stepper motor running more smoothly.

As if that wasn’t enough, B&R has also come out with a software component called mapp Report that can be used to automatically generate PDF reports based on any machine data. The report’s data, layout and design can even be customized for different needs.

It’s advances like these that are changing the manufacturing industry and we couldn’t be more pleased to be affiliated with companies like B&R!

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