big data

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest manufacturing buzz, you’ve probably heard the term “Big Data” in conversation quite a bit, but what exactly is it all about, and what does it mean for you as a manufacturer?

Well, basically, Big Data refers to extremely large collections of data sets, so complex that they may be difficult to process. Why bother with it then? Because it’s totally worth it! Big Data helps manufacturers reveal patterns, trends, and associations, predict problems, and improve operating efficiencies, quality, processes, and more!

The good news is, technological advances have made collecting and analyzing this kind of data much easier than it’s ever been before. Take a look at a few examples of how Big Data analytics can benefit you:


Example #1: Examining Processes = Better Quality

Imagine two products are manufactured using the exact same process, but for some reason there are inconsistencies. Maybe it’s operators doing things differently. Perhaps other aspects of the process differ in some way. Using Big Data analytics, you can assess and identify varying parameters impacting the product and therefore make necessary adjustments, ensuring a consistent product and improved quality.

Example #2: Behavior Patterns = Better Decisions

If you collect Big Data on the behavior of your customers, it affords you insights on how to best serve them, and allows you to make educated decisions such as which products to keep because they’re profitable, and which to scrap because they’re not.  

Example #3: Predicting Problems = Increased Efficiency

Big Data analytics enables you to collect information and identify issues that could alter performance and slow operations. By identifying these possible problem areas, they can be addressed before having an effect on the product or process. Down time is avoided and efficiency increased.

In short, you can harness Big Data and transform it into useful, valuable information that will help you with everything from answering nagging operational questions to addressing pretty much any manufacturing problem you could have!

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