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We want you to be as informed as possible when it comes to your automation, fluid power, and process control needs. That’s why we post helpful information, blogs, and more here for you. Want to learn more? Get in touch.
  1. Kundinger announces new product offerings from Madison Company  

    Madison Company sensing products are now available to Kundinger customers. Kundinger recently partnered with the Branford, Connecticut company as a distributor, offering sensors and control technology solutions.   “Madison Company’s commitment to building strong relationships with their customers, coupled with their extensive experience in product development, made them the ideal choice for us,” said Brian Kundinger…

  2. Mechanical switches for precision monitoring and control

    In many industries, a pressure switch is a critical component of a system. It is responsible for detecting a change in pressure and then activating or deactivating a process. Pressure switches can be found in many different settings, such as in HVAC systems, steam generators, plumbing systems, fuel systems, tires, and many more. If you…

  3. Facility Electrical Protection

    Lightning strikes are powerful electrical impulses that can cause serious damage to unprotected electronic equipment and disrupts operations. To protect your business, it is essential to have proper lightning protection in place. Is your equipment properly grounded? Do you have surge protection devices installed? If not, you could be at risk for voltage surges that…

  4. Kundinger Inc. Achieves UL Certification for Industrial Control Panels

    Kundinger Inc. recently achieved UL-508A certification for its industrial control panels. The company’s panels are now authorized to bear the UL mark, indicating that they have met the rigorous safety and quality standards of Underwriters Laboratories.  This certification is a major accomplishment for Kundinger, as it demonstrates that its panels are among the safest and…

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