As automation technology advances, many in industry are starting to wonder if they should make the switch. While there are some skeptics, those who have made the investment into automated technology often find that it has improved their efficiency, worker safety and bottom line.

Kundinger was built on traditional fluid power, but we’re believers in adapting to the technology that best serves our clients’ unique needs. When you work with Kundinger, you’re always getting more.

More experience, more innovation, more communication and more results.

We understand the benefits of automation, how it can help your business and we’re ready to help you integrate it into your applications.

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Whether you’re on the fence, ready to make the switch, or looking for a change, read on to learn more about how we can do more together.

Automation involves the use of machines, control systems and information technologies to complete tasks that were previously carried out by human beings. In an industrial setting, automation can be used to increase speed, quality and repeatability while also improving efficiency and worker safety.

  • Scalability is increased because automated systems can be easily repeated as demand grows.
  • Quality is improved because automated systems can carry out tasks more accurately than humans.
  • Throughput is boosted because automated systems can work at a faster speed than humans.
  • Efficiency is enhanced because automated systems can perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Worker safety is better because automated systems can eliminate or reduce exposure to hazardous conditions.

We know that making the move to automation is intimidating – the implementation of new technology can be overwhelming. We’re here to help through the whole process. Our team at Kundinger offers support from design to implementation and training – and we don’t stop there. We make ongoing communication a top priority to make sure your efforts to automate traditional work are seamless and that you feel supported.

We have a team of experts who can assess your specific needs as soon as your design discussions begin and recommend the best type of automation for your application. We work with many of the best automation product vendors and can help implement simple solutions to complex, custom systems.

Kundinger automation vendors

We wouldn’t expect your move to automation to come without questions. The best way to get answers about your specific application is to contact us, but in the meantime we’ve answered some of the most asked questions we hear about automation so that you can better understand this growing field.

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