Our people are experts at finding the right solution to every problem out there. Our custom solutions are engineered specifically for you and your needs.

Any individual product is only one piece of the overall application puzzle.

When you have a job to do, your equipment needs to work at its peak. We get it.

We take those pieces and create customized solutions to solve your automation, process control, and fluid power system requirements. The value of working with Kundinger is our ability to design, engineer, and install a complete technology solution, all from one fully integrated team.

What separates Kundinger is that we are more than just a supplier with a long list of products and a few good ideas. We’re experts in our field, and we create custom solutions so you can operate at a higher level.

Our specialties include:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Assembly
  • Start Up & Installation
  • Repair

At Kundinger, we design, engineer, and craft systems that create efficiency for your operation. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customer so we can help them take advantage of new technology and stay ahead of their competition. It’s what we like to call the Kundinger Difference.

Emission Testing Equipment

Sample Collection System

The Kundinger APS – SCS-II is a Sample Collection System for collecting alcohol and aldehyde samples with speciation for alternative fuel vehicles. This addresses both R&D and certification processes necessary to meet increasing worldwide environmental regulatory standards.

Canister Testing Stands

We build system that can do on-vehicle loading, off-vehicle loading, gasoline working capacity (with ratio determination & control), butane working capacity, and just about every variation that you would need to have for EPA and CARB compliance.

This is the standard for CARB and is currently being used in their new Riverside Facility.

Custom Test Stands

Pressure Test Stand

Pressure test stands for vehicle fuel tanks.

Measurement Systems

Fuel Vapor Measurement

Area Monitoring Systems

Gas Detection Systems

CO, NOX, H2, Etc., we build sample draw and point detection systems.