Advantech offers smart solutions that work.

Advantech was recently tasked helping a client monitor mall and store entrances, hallways, bathroom locations, kiosks, parking lots and more, all on a tight budget. B+B SmartWorx Ethernet switches with Gigabit and PoE (SECP510-2SFP-T / EIRP410-2SFP-T) capabilities were ideal for the application.

Strategically placed Ethernet switches network remote devices, such as RFID readers, cameras, Wireless Access Points and VoIP phones, and send the data back to one or more security locations as needed. PoE allows remote devices to be powered in locations where an AC installation would be impractical or expensive.

If you’d like more information on these smart solutions from Kundinger and Advantech’s B+B SmartWorx, download the brochures below.

SECP500 Series: Fully Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch Brochure

10 Port Industrial Ethernet Switch for Gigabit Ethernet Brochure