efficiencyIt’s all about efficiency. Ask any manufacturer around and they’d tell you “increased efficiency” is one of their main goals. Everywhere you look there are tips, checklists, videos and articles about improving efficiency in just about every aspect of life. Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced world where instant gratification rules, the key to keeping up is to produce your product as efficiently as possible.

Ah, but how do you do that without skimping on quality? Enter industrial automation — nothing has had a greater impact on our conflicting need for combining speed with quality than this. Ironically, new innovations in automation present themselves at a mind-boggling pace, from software updates that allow you to monitor processes remotely to advanced technologies like 3D printers that offer a faster turnaround from concept to finish. The fourth industrial revolution is indeed real and well underway. It’s resulted in faster production of greater quantities, improved processes, less downtime, increased productivity, reduced costs, better quality, and yes — increased efficiency.

Innovations like Comau robotics, SICK automated sensors, and B&R’s reACTION Technology, are all great examples of efficient industrial automation at work. In fact, B & R’s reACTION technology realizes response times of 1 µs using standard hardware —  that’s ultrafast automation, and it can significantly benefit a wide range of applications.

The result of using B & R’s reACTION technology is the combination of speed with precision. So yes, faster can be better, which means you no longer have to sacrifice one for the other. Manufacturers everywhere can rejoice. “Increased efficiency” is available NOW!

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