process controlTime is money, and both can be spent unwisely! In manufacturing, it can be difficult to perform the balancing act of keeping processes under control and at the same time, staying under budget. When you have to monitor and control systems, fix problems, make repairs, disrupt production, re-train employees, and continually change the way you do things, well, we’d think you’d agree – a lot of time and money are wasted! Luckily, there are some tricks to getting it all under control without blowing your bottom line. Here’s how you can operate efficiently and cost-effectively to boot:

  1. Automate! We’re living in a world of real-time data collecting, strategically designed IIoT technology – take advantage of the technical advances out there that can automate, streamline, and monitor processes, making operations run faster, and freeing up your time to do things like, oh, let’s say counting the money you’re saving by avoiding downtime and enjoying higher-production.
  2. Investigate. Take a good hard look at your workflow – the people, processes, and technology you use to crank out your product. Is it as efficient as possible? Are there areas you might be able to tighten up? Are there improvements you can make? Identify and eliminate parts of processes that take time but don’t necessarily add value.
  3. Make a plan. Preparing up front will help you stay on track. Create production schedules, targets, and cost-control guidelines to reduce time and money lost. Set a budget for each project with a little wiggle room for unforeseen problems that may pop up. Have a reliable and fairly-priced source lined up for materials and equipment needed to get the job done. (Hey, we know just the place!)

At Kundinger, process control is one of our specialties, and has been for 50 years! We’ve got the “quality meets cost-effectiveness” thing down. In fact, reliable is our middle name (well, not really, but you get the idea). If you need solutions to keep your operations in line with your budget, call us at 800-242-4811 to schedule a free consultation, get a quote, ask a question – whatever you want. No matter what you need, chances are pretty darn good we’ve got it!