Kundinger, a Wisconsin and Michigan-based company delivering fluid power, automation and process control solutions to a wide range of industries, is excited to offer customers an expanded suite of automation technology solutions with the addition of four strategic automation vendor partnerships. These partnerships will provide customers with an increased level of flexibility when it comes to selecting automation tools that can help streamline processes and improve operations.

The partnerships are with four industry-leading companies: 

SEW-EURODRIVE provides gearboxes and gear motors and the technology that drives them, while Yaskawa offers variable-frequency drives to efficiently power motors. Leuze offers sensors for automation technology, including safety sensors, position indication, auto identification and color sensing. Barksdale is a leading manufacturer of system monitoring and control solutions ranging from switches, regulators and valves to pressure, level and temperature controls.

The products and technology available from these newest partner companies complement the automation offerings already available through Kundinger from ParkerB&RAdvantechSICK Sensor Intelligence and Comau

With this strategic growth in the industrial automation space, Kundinger is furthering its mission to provide customers with the tools and technology to optimize operations.

“In addition to increasing productivity, efficiency and safety, our partnerships with leading automation vendors help us provide our customers with ways to address the current hiring crisis,” said Paul Kundinger, president of Kundinger. “By using automation technology, like industrial robots, companies can free up their current employees for more meaningful work, leaving the repetitive tasks to automation.”

Kundinger has been at the forefront industrial technology solutions for more than 60 years, creating custom solutions ranging from simple standalone machines to complex integrated systems. 

“When it comes to staying ahead of competition in today’s fast paced market, we believe that innovation is a key factor for success” said Kundinger. “It is also important for us to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, which is why we are constantly adapting our practices and expanding our capabilities,” said Kundinger.

In addition to delivering innovative solutions, Kundinger is committed to providing ongoing, reliable customer service and support. From the initial stages of design, through installation and operation, Kundinger works hard to help clients get the most out of their automation investments.