Dura-Pack’s new Echelon machine is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with its unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Kundinger is proud to have played a crucial role in the development and success of this machine.

As Dura-Pack’s distribution partner, we collaborated with the Dura-Pack team to enhance the existing design and improve the performance and robustness of the machine. Our team also designed the method for functional testing and characterization of machine operations and performance, as well as the system software architecture, algorithm design, and digital processing of measuring device analog signals.

One of the key factors that sets the Echelon machine apart from other cannabis weighing and packaging systems is its use of B&R’s X20 PLC system. This advanced system allows for precise and accurate measurements, all within a compact and space-saving footprint.

The impressive accuracy and speed of the Echelon machine have made it the world’s most accurate cannabis weighing and packaging system. This is a huge accomplishment for Dura-Pack, B&R, and for us here at Kundinger, as we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions to our customers.

Click the video below to hear from Dura-Pack’s CEO about the Echelon machine.