Companies in the business of producing commercially packaged goods have been successfully implementing IoT systems for some time now to keep up with and meet consumer demand. However for most, the goal of cost-effective, efficient and flexible packaging has remained elusive…until now.

B&R Industrial Automation, a company known for constantly raising the bar with their revolutionary innovations, is about to reveal yet another groundbreaking product at this year’s Pack Expo International Show in Chicago. Their new, intelligent track systems feature the next generation of packaging machine technology, incorporating a whole new level of IIoT enabled automation known as adaptive machinery.

Because B&R’s new modular systems can automatically change, or adapt, to meet varying specifications, including radical and unforeseen requirements, suddenly mass customization is not only possible, but also fast and cost-saving. It’s every CPG company’s dream, and has been referred to in the industry as the missing link in direct-to-consumer e-commerce.

Visit B&R’s booth at the expo on October 14 – 17 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL and see for yourself the versatility and flexibility of this amazing technology. It’s modular design makes build-to-order customization practical for industries of all kinds, from food and beverage, to personal and pet care, to athletic equipment, jewelry, optics — you name it.  

Find out more about B&R’s latest breakthrough product by reading this article, or check it out in person at the Pack Expo.

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