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  1. New technology can keep you ahead of competitors

    This article was originally published in The Business News on Dec. 6, 2021. Industry 4.0 is upon us, and we are seeing a transition in how we produce products and materials thanks to data, machine learning, automation, and robotics. Companies need to leverage and invest in new equipment to stay ahead of the competition, meet…

  2. Monitor and Control What Matters Most

    Monitor and control what matters most with process control solutions from Kundinger In today’s fast-paced world, there is a lot of pressure to be productive. When it comes to manufacturing, this means being able to produce the most high-quality goods in the least amount of time, all while having as little downtime as possible. Process…

  3. Making the most of your manufacturing manpower

    Dealing with disruptions Five to 10 years ago many in the industry were concerned automation would take jobs away from workers. Today though, manufacturing and logistics companies need to optimize as much of their operations as possible to keep up with demand – especially as more and more people outside of the industry begin to…

  4. Kundinger adds Leuze product offerings

    Leuze sensor products for automation technology are now available to Kundinger’s Wisconsin customers. A global leader in the industrial automation industry, Leuze offers a range of sensors and accessories including: Switching sensors Measuring sensors Safety Identification Data transmission/control components Industrial image processing “We’re proud to partner with Leuze to bring our Wisconsin customers leading sensor…