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Metso actuators offer the industrial equipment designer unique solutions for developing high torque from a compact, precision machined, drop-in package.

Available Products

  • Pneumatic cylinder actuators
  • series B1
  • Quadra-Powr X series pneumatic actuator
  • Neles® pneumatic linear diaphragm & cylinder actuator
  • M series manual gear actuator
  • Metso instrumentation panels
  • series SP
  • Valv Powr VPVL series pneumatic actuator
  • VALVCON® ADC-Series – continuous duty electric actuator
  • VALVCON® ESR-Series – electronic spring-return electric actuator
  • VALVCON® I-Series – network capable electric actuator
  • VALVCON® LCR-Series – economical reversing electric actuator
  • VALVCON® LCU-Series – economical unidirectional electric actuator
  • VALVCON® V-Series – electric actuator

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