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Emergency Shutdown Valves

Metso’s reliable intelligent emergency shutdown (ESD) valves and actuators with Neles ValvGuard intelligent valve controllers improves your plant safety. Metso has combined their know-how of valves, actuators, safety standards (IEC61508/61511), applications, system operability, and partial stroke test devices with intelligent prediction tools.

Available Products

  • Pneumatic cylinder actuators
  • series B1
  • Neles® modular ball valve
  • series X
  • Neles® top entry rotary ball valve
  • series T5
  • Neles® trunnion ball valve
  • series D
  • Neles® Neldisc high performance triple eccentric disc valves
  • series L6
  • Neles® Neldisc high performance triple eccentric disc valve
  • series L1 and L2
  • Intelligent Safety Solenoids
  • Quartz explosionproof on/off valve monitor
  • Eclipse nonincendive
  • I.S. & general purpose compact
  • modular on/off valve monitor
  • Axiom AMI nonincendive & I.S. on/off valve controller
  • Axiom AX explosionproof on/off valve controller
  • Neles® SwitchGuard SG9000 – intelligent on/off valve controller
  • Metso instrumentation panels
  • series SP
  • FieldLink accessories and tools for process networks