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Hose, Piping, Tubing & T-Slot Framing

Whether constructed of rubber, stainless steel thermoplastic or fluoropolymer, hose and tubing is used in a wide variety of applications. In every case, the job requires that the product keep the environment, the operators and the media protected. As the world’s largest manufacturer of hose, Parker is committed to delivering the highest quality, safest products and tubing on the planet.

Available Products

  • Hydraulic Hose and Assemblies
  • Transfer and General Purpose Hose and Assemblies
  • Compressed Air Piping Systems & Accessories
  • Instrumentation and Heat Trace Tubing
  • Metal Tubing
  • Plastic and Fluoropolymer Tubing
  • Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Flanges
  • Hose and Tubing Clamps
  • Hose Guards
  • Protectors
  • Sleeves and Strain Relievers
  • Hose Crimpers and Swagers
  • Tube Fabrication Equipment