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Kundinger offers both replaceable and non-replaceable seal products, configured in bolted, non-metallic, sanitary, front flush, and flow-through annular styles. For measuring hydraulic force, we sell products in both mechanical and electronic formats. For electronic force measurement instrumentation, we offer Noshok load pins, tension and compression transducers, and custom force sensors. Noshok load pins use a thin film sensor technology laser to ensure accuracies up to + 0.5%. Noshok custom force sensors are built with superior strength, performance, and accuracy; custom built to your requirements.

Available Products

  • Bi-Metal
  • Vapor Actuated Remote
  • Platinum Resistance Transmitters
  • Compact OEM Transmitters
  • Digital Indicators
  • Electronic Indicating Transmitter Switch
  • Industrial Resistance Temperature Devices
  • Thermowells