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Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine flow meters use the mechanical energy of the liquid to rotate a rotor in the flow stream. The rotational speed of the rotor is directly proportional to the velocity of the fluid travelling through the meter. These meters are used in multiple industries to reliably measure the velocity of a variety of liquids, gases and vapors.

Available Products

  • Turbo Series Meters
  • Compound Series Meters
  • Fire Hydrant Meters
  • Fire Series Assemblies FSAA
  • Fire Series Meters FSMA
  • Portable Large Meter Tester (PLMT)
  • Meters for Reclaimed Water
  • 1100
  • QuikSert
  • FloClean
  • B1500
  • B20 Series
  • 1200
  • 900 Series
  • Blancett Accessories
  • Exact Turbine Meters
  • Precision Turbine Meters
  • Gas Turbine Meters
  • LoFlo Turbine Meters
  • Industrial Turbo Series
  • Vision Turbine Flow Meter
  • Industrial Turbo