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Valve Controls & Limit Switches

High availability and easy interpretation are the key success factors in effective field device data analysis. Metso is committed to supporting open and standardized technologies. They offer the best field devices and ensure the availability and usability of diagnostics information independent of your control, safety, or asset management system.

Available Products

  • VALVCON® ADC-Series – continuous duty electric actuator
  • VALVCON® ESR-Series – electronic spring-return electric actuator
  • VALVCON® I-Series – network capable electric actuator
  • VALVCON® LCR-Series – economical reversing electric actuator
  • VALVCON® LCU-Series – economical unidirectional electric actuator
  • VALVCON® V-Series – electric actuator
  • Intelligent Safety Solenoids
  • Quartz explosionproof on/off valve monitor
  • Prism PI linear on/off sanitary diaphragm valve controller
  • Hawkeye linear point sensors
  • Eclipse nonincendive
  • I.S. & general purpose compact
  • modular on/off valve monitor
  • Axiom AMI nonincendive & I.S. on/off valve controller
  • Axiom AX explosionproof on/off valve controller
  • Neles® SwitchGuard SG9000 – intelligent on/off valve controller
  • Neles® NE700/NP700 positioner
  • Neles® ND9000 intelligent valve controller
  • Neles® NDX valve controller – Performance perfected