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Water Utility Metering

Providing industry-leading, end-to-end solutions for the water utility industry, Badger’s comprehensive portfolio includes water meters for residential and commercial applications, proven automated meter reading and powerful advanced metering analytics solutions. These products provide increased operational efficiency, better visibility of water use and improved overall utility management.

Available Products

  • ORION® Cellular Endpoint
  • Managed Solution BEACON® AMA
  • E-Series® Ultrasonic Meters
  • E-Series® Ultrasonic Plus
  • Disc Series Meters
  • M5000
  • Traditional Fixed Network Solution BEACON® AMA
  • ORION® Fixed Network (SE)
  • Turbo Series Meters
  • Compound Series Meters
  • Fire Hydrant Meters
  • Fire Series Assemblies FSAA
  • Fire Series Meters FSMA
  • ORION® Migratable (ME)
  • High Resolution Encoders (HR-E®)
  • High Resolution LCD Encoders (HR-E® LCD)
  • M2000
  • Portable Large Meter Tester (PLMT)
  • Portable Small Meter Tester (PSMT)
  • Meters for Reclaimed Water
  • M3000
  • M4000
  • M1000
  • TFX Ultra Transit Time Flow Meters
  • TFXL Transit Time Flow Meters