RedViking and Kundinger work together to find solutions for complex projects

A good partnership relies on trust, service and credibility. These qualities allow companies like Kundinger and RedViking to get creative and develop innovative solutions for customers and end users.

For the past four years, Kundinger’s talented team of engineers has developed hydraulic systems that RedViking uses for larger aircraft and automobile power systems for customers such as Sikorsky Aircraft, Bell, Ford and GM.

The components and fabrication of these systems are complex but Kundinger is able to meet the specific requirements and parameters that the equipment must be designed for.

“Kundinger is an integral part of our process,” said Gustavo Perico, SME and Fluid Power Team Lead at RedViking. “We can rely on their team to help develop the equipment and we know they only provide quality products.”

RedViking and Kundinger continue to partner together because of Kundinger’s expertise. The team at RedViking is able to rely on Kundinger’s technical support and they are able to ask questions and get recommendations to find the right solution for each project’s customized needs.

Likewise, the Kundinger customer service team is responsive and reliable – both of which are highly valuable in a partner that supports large-scale projects. This is the foundation for the trust needed to go above and beyond for customers and end users.

“Kundinger offers the full package,” Perico continues. “They are a one-stop shop for engineering, design, building, customization, fabrication, and so much more. We are grateful for their team and all the expertise they bring to each of our projects.”