PAL Robots


Yes, robots seem to be taking over the world of manufacturing, but although some people may be concerned that robotic automation is causing the unemployment line to grow, the reality is, with every job replaced by a robot, a different kind of human job is created. Who do you think is programming and monitoring robots and training others how to use them?

Robots are changing the workforce, not completely replacing it. In fact, the convergence of human and artificial intelligence is the key to manufacturers’ success in achieving the highest levels of efficiency, flexibility, quality, and productivity. Robots may be able to complete complex tasks faster than any human and with much greater precision, but it’s people who possess the capabilities of analyzing, problem-solving and programming.

As the fourth industrial revolution forges on, robotic automation is being implemented by more and more manufacturers, however, the demand for humans trained and educated in digital manufacturing continues to grow as well. The complementary abilities of robots and humans working together in a collaborative effort results in a number of benefits, that include:


  • Increased production efficiency, leading to decreased production cost
  • Shorter cycles, producing more products in a shorter amount of time
  • Better precision means better quality since products are manufactured with the same process and specifications every time
  • Smaller footprint, freeing up valuable floor space
  • Less waste
  • Increased safety as workers move into supervisory roles and stop performing dangerous tasks or job functions


The initial investment for incorporating robotic technology may be intimidating, but as you can see, the advantages are worth it in the long run. And fear not human workers — robots are not taking over, they’re merely joining forces with you in the ongoing revolution. To learn more about industrial automation, call Kundinger at 800- 242-4811 or visit us online. You may get a machine at first, but we promise a person from our expert team will be happy to help.