Kundinger streamlines the operations of original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket distributors, pre-assembling and packaging connectors and related components into a single kit that ships and invoices as a single unit.  Working directly with your design engineers, we create kits-and even sub-kits-that meet your precise needs.  For added economy, we can reuse the same containers-yours or ours, whichever is more convenient.  In addition to industrial fluid connectors, kits can include other components and other hardware, such as fasteners and brackets.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Your needs determine our involvement.  Our inventory management services include custom-tailored bin-filling programs that meet your requirements, including minimum/maximum specifications.  To help you get organized and stay organized, we’ll produce the initial bin labels and handle label updates.  We can schedule your orders to arrive when and where you need them-to your dock, to stock or right to your assembly line.

Supply Sourcing

Competitive supply sourcing is important for our customers. Kundinger takes pride in quickly sourcing the best product at the best price. If a customer has a technical product issue or needs help locating the right component, the Kundinger technical hotline is here to help. Once the part is identified, the team uses every available resource to procure it, including the DISTRANET, an online portal developed by Kundinger and other distributors. If the part is not there, customer service will call non-DISTRANET distributors direct and ask for referrals.


Looking to minimize downtime, reduce component replacement costs and improve efficiency in your maintenance operations? We provide world-class training in a wide variety of areas to improve your employees` overall industrial maintenance skills – including their ability to troubleshoot independently.

We offer standard and customized courses in disciplines such as:

  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Electrical and PLC
  • Mechanical and Lubrication
  • Automation Technology

Our basic, intermediate, and advanced courses enable us to improve the skill sets of all workers from apprentices to engineers. Courses are offered individually and as part of a multi-craft program.