Parker provides complete system solutions for the material handling and packaging industries. They are one company with a broad range of motion control products and parts. Kundinger is your Parker connection.

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Pneumatic products are designed to help optimize operations for increased productivity and safety. Contact Kundinger today to connect with a Parker Pneumatics expert!

Cylinders and Actuators
Parker Pneumatics SR-Series

The SR series is a crimped, round body cylinder featuring a stainless-steel tube with a choice of end cap material.

Parker Pneumatics P1F-Series

The P1F Series Tie Rod Cylinders utilize ISO 15552 standard for global interchangeability and is the lead product for high volume application using standard configurations.

Parker Pneumatics 4MA

The 4MA is a highly configurable NFPA tie rod cylinder manufactured with anodized aluminum complete with a bronze rod glad that enables efficient servicing of the cylinder while minimizing downtime.

Parker Pneumatics OSP-P

The OSP-P Rodless actuator combines linear motion, guidance and control into a modular package that offers a broad range of standard options at a higher load and moment capacity vs the competition.

Parker Pneumatics PCH Network Portal

The PCH Network Portal is a single-footprint portal that allows for a flexible design that minimizes machine cost.

Parker Pneumatics P2M Ethernet Node

The P2M Industrial Ethernet Network Node provides low-cost ethernet connectivity while providing simple diagnostic input data to the controller.

Air Preparation
Parker Pneumatics P33

The P33 Safety Exhaust Valve is designed to safely and reliably exhaust pneumatic energy from machinery. It helps to prevent the risk of unexpected movement caused by pneumatic energy during an e-stop or machinery shut down state.

Parker Pneumatics Global Air Prep

Global FRL offers a collection of full feature particulate and coalescing filters, regulators, filter/regulators, and lubricators with a wide range of standard options to meet air preparation needs.

Parker Pneumatics H-Series ISO

The H Series ISO Valve utilizes an easy-to-use configurationthat creates a single part number for complete manifolds.

Parker Pneumatics Viking Extreme

The Viking Xtreme Valve is a standard, versatile inline valve designed for general to harsh applications as well as transportation related applications.

Parker Pneumatics Moduflex

The Moduflex Valve System redefines flexibility for pneumatic users by offering a compact and low-cost fieldbus solution.


Electromechanical products are useful for how compact and accurate they are. They offer increased repeatability for customers. Contact Kundinger today to connect with a Parker Electromechanical expert!

Parker Electromechanical ETH

ETH cylinders are the most power-dense linear actuators on the market. These cylinders can easily compete in applications typically reserved for hydraulic cylinders, but offer added electrical control and energy efficiency.

Parker Electromechanical OSPE

The standard OSPE series has low to normal load and thrust capacity and is capable of high speeds over long strokes. It is ideal for point-to-point moves.

Parker Electromechanical Gearheads

Parker gearheads offer higher radial load and increased service life. Plus, Universal mounting kits for quicker deliveries and easier mounting 

Parker Electromechanical HRM

The HMR-series actuators are heavy duty and low-profile. They’re configurable, all with the intent of reducing overall design time and allowing for a simplified integration into any machine layout. 

Fluid Connectors

Tubing and push-to-connect fittings are used together because of their flexibility and strength in high-pressure pneumatic applications. Contact Kundinger today to connect with a Fluid Connectors expert!

Parker Fluid Connectors PLP Series

The PLP series fittings offer improved throughput, increased efficiency, smaller footprints, faster assembly and leak-reducing innovation.

Parflex tubing is used in a wide range of packaging applications because of its flexibility, strength and light weight design.

Parker Fluid Connectors PLS Series

PLS series connectors conform to FDA standards permitting permanent contact with food and other aggressive environments.

Parker Fluid Connectors PLM Series

PLM fittings have a high phosphorous, FDA compliant, electroless nickel plating which is resistant to water, harsh detergents and other aggressive fluids.

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